Welcome! This Web site serves as a hub for all products in the Goo range, developed and supported by The Domain Group Network. Here you can download the latest versions, find useful add-ons and modifications, and interact with other users.

Product Line Update

The Domain Group Network prides itself on providing a good and entertaining service to the Internet community (and it does, despite what certain critical friends of mine might believe), so the Goo range of products is an extension of that. Following on from the popular GF-admin, TDGN is preparing to offer GooCMS, GooMB and GooSE to the public for free! Free to download, modify and distribute, all under the famous open source license, GPL. You can't say fairer than that.

The Goo range has finally started with GooCMS 1.0. GooMB is in development, while GooCMS's predecessor, GF-admin, is supported in these forums. GooSE, well... the fate of that project remains to be seen.


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