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Product Line Update
Posted 2nd Nov 05 @ 10.21

As you’ve no doubt noticed, the Goo series has slumped somewhat in recent, uh, years. This is entirely due to my lack of further work on GooCMS and GooMB as I’ve had a great number of non-TDGN commitments. While this is still the case, one of these commitments has the chance of overlapping with my work here.
As such, I would like to announce that while the current products in the series will not be updated in the near future, a new product will soon join the line and hopefully bring Goo back into the forefront of Web utilities. Stay tuned!

- Chris Tonks

GooCMS 1.02 Released
Posted 11th Sep 03 @ 15.38

This is a very small release to update a couple of errors I neglected to take care of in 1.01. Temporary files were left in the /tmp directory (or system equivalent) after being used to create new back-ups and files in the file manager - but no more! You can download the whole release or just the files that were changed so you can overwrite the erroneous ones in your current version.
Incidentally, work on the Goo series seems to have halted for a time whilst I take a look at some other options. I'm working on another project at the moment, totally separate from Goo but still in the realm of programming. However, once that's finished, and if I'm not too busy at university, I'll continue work on GooMB next.

- Chris Tonks

GooCMS 1.01 Released
Posted 11th May 03 @ 21.09

This is the first update to GooCMS, and should fix most of the problems people have been reporting so far, most notably the great 'magic quotes' trouble.
Some of the files have been updated (so you'd best upload them all if you're upgrading - definitely upload them all if you're installing from scratch!), and some changed have been made to the database, hence the new upgrade function in the installer which you'll need to run.
I'm still working on the style template reference guide, which means I probably won't get it done until after my exams. In fact, you may not hear from me much at all until they're over, which is on the 26th of June.

- Chris Tonks

GooCMS 1.0 Released
Posted 25th Apr 03 @ 15.08

Dear Lord, at last! Yes indeed, GooCMS is finally out and ready to be downloaded! It's taken months of work to get the Grey Fusion version done, and then another few weeks to get it ready for public release. I'm happy to say that that is now all done.
Naturally, it isn't flawless. I've already tracked down three bugs, but they've been dealt with and the zip archive containing GooCMS 1.0 has been updated.
As the readme file in the distribution will tell you, the new way styles are handled might scare some of you, but as soon as I've posted this I'm going to grab a cup of coffee and get on with a template reference guide that'll tell you all you need to know.
So then, what are you waiting for? Head over to the GooCMS download page and get going! Have fun!

- Chris Tonks

GooCMS Due for Release
Posted 15th Apr 03 @ 14.03

OK, so I was wrong about the 1st of April, but I did warn you. Coursework took more time than I thought, and the fact that my computer blew up the week of the 1st didn't help matters much. I'm currently typing on a new family computer which will replaced with my own once I have a new motherboard and harddrive (the old harddrive fried).
But I'm now back working on the public version of GooCMS, though progress may be a little slow - I can't install Linux on this machine, so I'm stuck without a local development server, and have to upload everything to test it. I've just finished a revised user itnerface, and I'll start working on the advanced menu system today.
I can't give you a definite release date, but it should be sometime within the next two weeks. Fingers crossed!

- Chris Tonks

Predicted Release Date
Posted 5th Mar 03 @ 11.29

Well, the programming side of GooCMS (Grey Fusion Edition) is just about done, at last. For my next trick I shall spend the next few weeks trying to find time to mess around with some of its features to convert it into a version I can release to the general public.
GooCMS 1.0 should, hopefully, be finished before April, so I'm prediting a release date of the 1st of April. However, please note that I've got a lot of coursework to breeze through. If that deadline falls through, expect GooCMS around the Easter holidays, when I'll definitely have time. (I'm planning to get a good lot of GooMB done during those two weeks.)
I'm going to use this first public version to find out what you all really want from a content management system. You'll be able to run this like a final release, but I'd like anyone who uses it to report back with ideas and suggestions for improvements. More when it's released...

- Chris Tonks

GooCMS Well Underway
Posted 29th Nov 02 @ 0.36

I'm pleased to announce that GooCMS is indeed well into the development phase, and the administration area is about half-done, perhaps a little less. The deadline for the programming is some time in January, and after that it'll take a little time to change the system to work on general sites, as I am developing this first version for Grey Fusion for my computing coursework.
So, right now I think you can expect a rough release date of February. It'll all be tested and everything by then, too.

- Chris Tonks

Goo Series Site Launched
Posted 22nd Sep 02 @ 0.11

I cobbled this Web site together in a day so I could have a place to show off the up-and-coming Goo range of PHP scripts by The Domain Group Network, and provide a place for support, discussion and suggestions.
As per usual, the forums are going to take a day or two to become fully operational, so please bear with me.

- Chris Tonks


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